She seeks gentle giant…

She seeks gentle giant...

You Can’t Tame It


Some loves are explosive and others simmer like a pot of Stew. Whatever may be the case for you… Don’t try to explain it or define it. Just enjoy it. Turn up the heat and let it cook. I don’t mind being a prisoner to love as long as my lover is a in jail too. Enslave us both and throw away the key but we will not be confused about it because we will be full aware that we have lost all control of our senses, our minds, and our bodies. We have given ourselves over to the other. This is only for the untamable!

Be aware! Love is an untamed force.

Connect the Dots

Connect the Dots

Is it Friday, yet?

Is it Friday, yet?

Peplum top
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Pencil skirt

High heel boots
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Stephen Dweck drop earrings
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By Malene Birger string bracelet
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