Among the Living

After my night of partying and staying till dang near morning… I’m finally up. I almost brewed a pot of coffee but I need to nourish and repair the wreck I did to my body. So this is what I do… Long steam shower then steep the finest. What do I call the finest you may ask… I will tell.
Teavana Gyokuro Imperial Green Tea mixed with Strawberry Slender Pu-Erh

Gotta flush out all those toxin I put in. Yea… That Grey Goose with cranberry juice and a splash of peach schnapps.



Sweater Weather VIP

Ok so you know my night got so much better when Je$$e and the Neighborhood took stage. Can you say bobbing my head and fist pump. Let’s go! After the concert I actually talked with Je$$e and he signed my freaking converse! How cool is that! One banging night! The Neighborhood is crunk!