FedEx had fun at my home

First GlobeIn Arrived Today! I’m all giddy inside! Opening this box is like meeting family.

You get a postcard from each crafter that tells you about them and their lives. Then you open it and find your treasures. This box was from Mexico.




1st Birchbox Arrived!

Yippee! It is awesome! I loved opening this box. Inside I found wonderful goodies.

MIYU Four Piece introductory collection of skincare and teas
Bare love Body luxury body fuel
It’s a 10 miracle leave in hair product
Elite Therapeutic Elite Lip Balm
Anchors Aweigh Life Saver Tea Infuser

And guess what I was just thinking if buying a tea Infuser tomorrow. No need now. Amazing.



Hang On

Everyone have tough times or rough moments. That’s just life. But when life knocks you on your butt… This is a good reminder for all of us. During these times, just dig deep and muster up the courage to go on. If you are a person of Faith this is the time to Pray more and form an intimate relationship with God. Hang On… If only with the one finger!


Goodnight loves!

Goodnight loves!

Accessorize pajamas

Fabric furniture

Cashmere blanket throw

Storage table

Framed wall art

19th century painting

Photography poster
$26 –

Playing Innocent

Playing Innocent


It is easy and doesn’t cost a penny. We all can do it. Although some act as if it hurts them to. But please try to give this language a try. It is international… No matter where you travel… You will be understood and greeted in kind. It takes little effort. Yes it is foreign to many. It is call the SMILE. Common but unrated and fading in world. Let’s bring it back. Start now!




Courage by mslovlif featuring Riedel

Benetton sweater

$130 –

Nine west shoes

LE VIAN fine jewelry

Icepinkim yellow necklace
$520 –



Comptoir Des Cotonniers going out top
$110 –

Versace clothing
$360 –

Melissa polish shoes
$325 –

Arteriors lighting

Set of 2 chair

OKA oak chair

Wall mount mirror