Shop of the Day

Hit the mall or maybe the mall hit me! Did a little damage to my bank account in Top Shop!

This store has so many nice finds. From skinny jean to sweaters to jackets to scarves… All the the things I love!

I’m gonna have to curb my urge to visit this store or I may go broke!

Homemade Face Cream


Do It Yourself Face Cream

Of course you can buy one from your local pharmacy or nearest Target or Walmart but why? It is so much better to make a natural homemade face cream. One with no fillers or artificial ingredients and animal fat. Yes, I said animal fat. This is recipe simple. Very few ingredients that can be found at the grocery store or health food store. Give it a try. Your skin will love you!

Snug as a Bug

Snug as a Bug

Music is in her Blood

Music is in her Blood

Sweet Caroline

Sweet Caroline

Tie front shirt
$18 –

MICHAEL Michael Kors brown jacket
$395 –

Zipper shoes

Loop rug