Three Things That Shouldn’t Be Broken


These three things shouldn’t be broken but are broken the most.

Hearts are shattered. Promises are thrown to the side and forgotten. And friendships… What is that? We have acquaintances. Friendships aren’t what they used to be. No close lasting ones. I once was told that if you make 3 good friends you are a lucky person.

Let’s resolve to hold on to hearts because people are valuable , keep promises because your word should be bond and make lasting friendships because this world could be what it once was. When doors went unlock and neighbors looked after each other. But not if we aren’t friends or friendly. Be the change you want to see.

Don’t Come for me… Unless I send for you! Lol $250 Challenge

Don't Come for me... Unless I send for you! Lol $250 Challenge

Padded shirt

Wallis quilted jacket

Old Navy jeans

2b taupe pumps

Forever 21 ring

It’ll Never Last! Better Trust & Believe!

It'll Never Last! Better Trust & Believe!

Mustard yellow pea coat

Dickins Jones green polka dot skirt
$74 –

Beading jewelry

2b stretch belt

Elizabeth Arden lipstick