Have you ever just paused! I mean really took a step back and just stopped. No moving and no thinking. Just alone in your stillness. No music and no phone. No Instagram and no twitter. Just you and the air particles. Eyes open or eyes closed. Escaping everyday life. This silence can be peaceful or scary depending on your ability to drop your mental noise. Doing this daily can be stress relieving. Stillness can be freeing. Try it. Free yourself! Be quiet, disconnect & be STILL!

Spring Crazy

Spring Crazy

Raxevsky short sleeve tee
$44 –

Short shorts

Tory Burch bow sandals

Gucci watch

Kate Spade tech accessory

Day Continues

Day Continues

Black vest

Bionda Castana pointy toe pumps
$720 –

Prada handbag

Daisy Jewellery silver bracelet
$270 –

Daisy Jewellery vintage earrings
$60 –

Silence Is Golden 2 Loves Tee (Womens)
$32 –