A Park Wedding

Simple yet Elegant. Every bride wants to be the center of attention on her wedding day. Some spend thousands of dollars to achieve this. Money is poured out from gowns to venues. But isn’t it love that matters most. The memories at this joyous occasion that will last in our hearts and our minds?!?! Do we need the glitz and glamour? Or will nature and natural love suffice? It is ENOUGH


The Legend “Lauren Bacall”

The Legend "Lauren Bacall"

Field of Dreams!

Last week I went to visit a friend at her home for the first time. She had stated to me numerous of times that she was in the country! But as I traveled from the city… It really hit me! This girl lives in the boondocks! The scenery was so relaxing and I felt at peace. The street that her house is on has the prettiest field! And a dirt road leads you to her home. Her yard was like a little garden!





We sat on this country gone modern porch and talked and laughed and drank. I stayed over and outside the guest room window I could see perfectly aligned fields. Excellent to dream to.



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I’m a Mac Baby!

I have a serious obsession with MAC! I only use their products. I recently purchased a lip liner, lip gloss, and lipstick while waiting in the JFK airport. But that made me feel like I needed more. So online I went! Today Fedex delivered my goodies! Can’t wait to play with them!


Soft Beats

You caught me! Guilty! Taking pieces of you!
That night you took flight! I couldn’t decide what to do! I couldn’t go solo. That be the right thing to do!
We all make mistakes! I learned from you! We do! We all make mistakes! I learned from you! We do! Please sleep softly leave me no room for doubt!

Beat Play

Tell me what you say now
Come again
If you can not stay down
Then you don’t have to pretend
I should have never let you in
Don’t take this personal
You know what you’ve done to me
Although it hurts I know
I can’t keep running away
I don’t need you
I don’t need you
I don’t need you
I don’t need you
But I want you
I don’t mean to
I don’t mean to
I don’t mean to
I don’t mean to
But I love you
Don’t take this personal
Don’t think your special

Lyrics from The Worst
Artist Jhene Aiko
Album Sail Out