A Park Wedding

Simple yet Elegant. Every bride wants to be the center of attention on her wedding day. Some spend thousands of dollars to achieve this. Money is poured out from gowns to venues. But isn’t it love that matters most. The memories at this joyous occasion that will last in our hearts and our minds?!?! Do we need the glitz and glamour? Or will nature and natural love suffice? It is ENOUGH


When Is When

At times you can’t decide. The question seems to float in your mind! When Is When? Today, next week or maybe in a month. You go on… holding on but for what? When you know it eventuality of the true reality? Maybe it’s self torture! Maybe it’s the belief or desire? Who knows why you keep going. Perhaps because you really don’t know the outcome… Just wanna play it out.

So when is when you have had enough! Lack the faith in the belief! And decide I’m done! I’m quitting! It’s over! That’s WHEN!


Blasting Beats!

I been wanting so long to get next to you!
Baby you keep me up at night time thinking about your love and affection!
I’ve been drawn to you!
I hope you feel the same!
And if I could have my way I would spend my life with falling in love.
It just hit me!
I feel like falling in love!
Don’t lie about how you feel!
Oh it just hit me!
Oh I feel like falling in love!
Don’t take so long!
Oh come get with me!
I feel like falling in love!
One day this love may be gone! LONG GONE!
Oh it just hit me! I feel like falling in love! It just hit! Come get with me!
Oh I feel like falling in love!

Lyrics from Falling Love

Male Peacocking

I should start off by telling you how I came up with this theory. Well… I love nature and creation so I ponder on it… not only watch these things… I ponder and analyze these things. In doing so I found some patterns and one being male Peacocking. Let’s begin with the peacock itself.

It is so beautifully arrayed in color. But did you know that it is the male that possesses these gem tones. The female has a much less almost sad appearance in comparison. The Red Cardinal has such brilliant shade of red… Must be the lady right! Wrong… She is tan but same build. The Golden Finch with it’s hue that’s bright striking yellow and flirting mating flight… Yep that’s the women? Nop… She is very dull yellow almost tan. Moving on to the land rovers. Take the Lion! Look at that mane sitting like a crown… A lady right? No of course not… For I said a crown not a tiara! And the list goes on. Now to the humans. The Man! What a species! Thick eye brows, long lush lashes, full pouty lips… All things natural God given! Lean… Low body fat… Able to muscle up fast if want to! Hair on the arms and the legs that makes a girl go crazy… All God given… Yes I know this metrosexual thing is out here where men are shaving everywhere but that’s not natural! Be a man… Be rugged. Let me be smooth!

Men also peacock by the way they dress. They get decked out. Trust me… This isn’t for them, this is for the ladies. I love a well dressed guy. Especially if he doesn’t miss a beat. I mean from head to toe. I look at a guys shoes first. It tells me about a guy. If he doesn’t take care of his feet he won’t take care of me. Because when your feet hurt… Your whole day is bad.


Men also peacock by the car they drive. Not necessarily how expensive but sometimes that is the case… But men wash their cars regularly and treat them right. They spend hours polishing those babies. They have a special bond with their car.

All of this Peacocking is done to attract the opposite sex. It doesn’t matter if it is a bird, lion, tiger, bear or MAN… God designed the males to naturally peacock. Women have adapted and learned to peacock back. Let me know if you want that blogged!

Three Things That Shouldn’t Be Broken


These three things shouldn’t be broken but are broken the most.

Hearts are shattered. Promises are thrown to the side and forgotten. And friendships… What is that? We have acquaintances. Friendships aren’t what they used to be. No close lasting ones. I once was told that if you make 3 good friends you are a lucky person.

Let’s resolve to hold on to hearts because people are valuable , keep promises because your word should be bond and make lasting friendships because this world could be what it once was. When doors went unlock and neighbors looked after each other. But not if we aren’t friends or friendly. Be the change you want to see.

Love & Life find a Way

When I purchased my flowers a single closed green bud fell off into the bottom of the vase. I left it there. Being a bit lazy and I thought it looked a lil cool and quirky. Also if that’s where you want to be… Who am I to deny you… Anyway, six mornings later… I go downstairs to steep my strawberry green tea and what catches my eye.

This bud has decided to defy odds. Decided not to die but to live and blossom into this beautiful flower and greet me ‘Good morning Beautiful Lady’ and I said oh no Darling you are truly beautiful and quite the charmer. Welcome to my kitchen. Nice to meet you dear lady.

To Resolve or Not Resolve

Every year Millions all over make New Years Resolutions!!! But why? When after a few weeks or a couple of months we forget or slack off on our goals that we were so determined to keep. This year I have set some very simple easy attainable goals. I will share them with you.


These I can keep and at the end of the year I will feel a sense of accomplishment… For I would have listened more, encouraged more, hoped and believed more, trusted more, loved more, worked out more, shown confidence, and so much more…

Give it a try!