To Resolve or Not Resolve

Every year Millions all over make New Years Resolutions!!! But why? When after a few weeks or a couple of months we forget or slack off on our goals that we were so determined to keep. This year I have set some very simple easy attainable goals. I will share them with you.


These I can keep and at the end of the year I will feel a sense of accomplishment… For I would have listened more, encouraged more, hoped and believed more, trusted more, loved more, worked out more, shown confidence, and so much more…

Give it a try!

My Gift to Myself

Sometimes you just have to give yourself a present. I guess I do that too much these days but here’s my newest.


Juicy Couture Creme Sweater
Juicy Couture earrings
Juicy Couture bracelet
Juicy Couture perfume gift set

I’m too kind to myself! 💋

What a Beauty!

I couldn’t wait to steep my newest blooming tea from Teavana! It is a Peach Momotari Artisan Tea. The smell of this bud is so explosive… You just wanna sip it right away. So into my glass Teavana pot it goes. Normally I use my cast iron set but for blooming teas you want to see that baby do it’s magic. As it unfolds and twirls then finally blossoms into a beautiful flower on your stove… Well you are just smiling. Or at least I am. It’s the small things in life that make my world Big!



I am obsessed. I have a tea addiction. I am a true tea lover and should have shares in Teavana stock. Today I ventured to Teavana… As if, I needed another tea or tea cup. But I went any. This is what I headed out the door with.


Peach Momotari Artisan Blooming Tea
Tupelo Honey
White Gold Honey Spoons
Pumpkin Spice Brûlée Oolong Tea

And the Oolong Tea was 50% off! They had a wide variety on sale which made my selections hard.
If I buy another Tea anytime soon I should seek help. I’m seriously running out of storage place. Wow something else to buy.

Shop of the Day

Hit the mall or maybe the mall hit me! Did a little damage to my bank account in Top Shop!

This store has so many nice finds. From skinny jean to sweaters to jackets to scarves… All the the things I love!

I’m gonna have to curb my urge to visit this store or I may go broke!

Beauty vs Personality


Beauty is only skin deep and it is said to be vanity. But a good, sweet, endearing personality is truly to coveted. Ones looks can fade with age but your inner beauty can stand the chance of time. Things like honesty, love, joy, peace, kindness, patience, long-suffering, goodness, meekness, mildness, self-control, and a mild spirit… These qualities are gems. We should work hard to cultivate such a spirit of Beauty!

Opinions ares Judgements cleverly disguised!


Do you always have a thought or an opinion about someone or their situation? Do you think you can handle someone’s buisness or life better? Do you often find yourself commenting or wanting to put your two cents in? Remember… You don’t know all the facts and more importantly we all have flaws; just different ones. My flaws will be so apparent to you and your’s to me because we are different. Unless we share some of the same bad habits and in that case we will be willing to turn a blind eye to those sins/flaws.

No man or woman is perfect. A sin is a sin. Stop pointing fingers, turning up noses and be more forgiving of others. Maybe they will allow us the same courtesy when our blemishes show.

Disney Did it Again

It was like traveling back in time. On this journey it was like watching two movies unfold. It was very moving and touching. Saving Mr. Banks and getting to know Mary Poppins.

This is a must see. It gets two thumbs up and a snap. Grab a friend, some popcorn, coke and sour patches. Go see it.


FedEx had fun at my home

First GlobeIn Arrived Today! I’m all giddy inside! Opening this box is like meeting family.

You get a postcard from each crafter that tells you about them and their lives. Then you open it and find your treasures. This box was from Mexico.