FATTY SUNDAYS is my product of the day. Maybe I should say guilty pleasure of the day. If you like salty and sweet snacks… Well these are for you. These delicious pretzels are thoughtfully flavored, generously dipped, perfectly decorated and guaranteed to please. The guarantee comes from me. These pretzels come in about 9 different flavors. My favorites are Mint Chocolate & Toffee!

This is a Brooklyn, New York company ran by two sister using their mothers recipe.

I order these delights from Birchbox.


Long Soak

I decided to take a long soak using my MOX Botanicals and boy I’m feeling real relaxed.

MOX Botanicals Bath Milk comes in a four pack. It contains Rose Petals, Jasmine Petals, Calendula & Oatmeal, Coconut & Vanilla Bean

You can throw the sack in or open it and let the ingredients float around. I do both. Start one way and end the latter. It feels good and smells heavenly. Leaves you carefree.