Soft Beats

You caught me! Guilty! Taking pieces of you!
That night you took flight! I couldn’t decide what to do! I couldn’t go solo. That be the right thing to do!
We all make mistakes! I learned from you! We do! We all make mistakes! I learned from you! We do! Please sleep softly leave me no room for doubt!

Lauryn Hill is BACK

Went to the Lauryn Hill concert last night at the Fillmore. Lauryn Hill is definitely back. It’s like she never left. She was as smooth as every. 20140212-213351.jpg
Chic is way too much! I’ve been a fan since the Fugees and she went back there. I was in heaven. She did this one song that I did not recognize but she was rapping! Rapping for 5 to 6 minutes taking no breaks and seemed no breath. We were cheering! The crowd goes wild. This lady here! This lady here can spit! Really Lauryn! I mean Really! 20140212-213928.jpg
I’ve been to a lot of concerts but she ended the concert on the highest note! We were all jumping and fist pumping! I just hate my phone went dead midway through the concert. It is a night to remember!

Blaring Beats!

Don’t know what you think you saw!
Can we make a connection!
Force myself in a dimension!
Lost sight of myself!
Real not a fantasy so divine!
Help me to feel what I wanna see!
Help me to be what I wanna see!
How many odds will I let slip away!
You are a reality!

Lyric from Fantasy by

I’m feeling this today. Song of the day!