Take A Hike!

Sometimes it’s about the journey and sometimes it’s about clearing your mind. But it’s always good to just get out and unwind… Let nature take you in and you exhale & let go!

Tell the world and everyone Take A Hike!


Blasting Beats!

I been wanting so long to get next to you!
Baby you keep me up at night time thinking about your love and affection!
I’ve been drawn to you!
I hope you feel the same!
And if I could have my way I would spend my life with falling in love.
It just hit me!
I feel like falling in love!
Don’t lie about how you feel!
Oh it just hit me!
Oh I feel like falling in love!
Don’t take so long!
Oh come get with me!
I feel like falling in love!
One day this love may be gone! LONG GONE!
Oh it just hit me! I feel like falling in love! It just hit! Come get with me!
Oh I feel like falling in love!

Lyrics from Falling Love

Three Things That Shouldn’t Be Broken


These three things shouldn’t be broken but are broken the most.

Hearts are shattered. Promises are thrown to the side and forgotten. And friendships… What is that? We have acquaintances. Friendships aren’t what they used to be. No close lasting ones. I once was told that if you make 3 good friends you are a lucky person.

Let’s resolve to hold on to hearts because people are valuable , keep promises because your word should be bond and make lasting friendships because this world could be what it once was. When doors went unlock and neighbors looked after each other. But not if we aren’t friends or friendly. Be the change you want to see.

To Resolve or Not Resolve

Every year Millions all over make New Years Resolutions!!! But why? When after a few weeks or a couple of months we forget or slack off on our goals that we were so determined to keep. This year I have set some very simple easy attainable goals. I will share them with you.


These I can keep and at the end of the year I will feel a sense of accomplishment… For I would have listened more, encouraged more, hoped and believed more, trusted more, loved more, worked out more, shown confidence, and so much more…

Give it a try!

Beauty vs Personality


Beauty is only skin deep and it is said to be vanity. But a good, sweet, endearing personality is truly to coveted. Ones looks can fade with age but your inner beauty can stand the chance of time. Things like honesty, love, joy, peace, kindness, patience, long-suffering, goodness, meekness, mildness, self-control, and a mild spirit… These qualities are gems. We should work hard to cultivate such a spirit of Beauty!

Opinions ares Judgements cleverly disguised!


Do you always have a thought or an opinion about someone or their situation? Do you think you can handle someone’s buisness or life better? Do you often find yourself commenting or wanting to put your two cents in? Remember… You don’t know all the facts and more importantly we all have flaws; just different ones. My flaws will be so apparent to you and your’s to me because we are different. Unless we share some of the same bad habits and in that case we will be willing to turn a blind eye to those sins/flaws.

No man or woman is perfect. A sin is a sin. Stop pointing fingers, turning up noses and be more forgiving of others. Maybe they will allow us the same courtesy when our blemishes show.

Hang On

Everyone have tough times or rough moments. That’s just life. But when life knocks you on your butt… This is a good reminder for all of us. During these times, just dig deep and muster up the courage to go on. If you are a person of Faith this is the time to Pray more and form an intimate relationship with God. Hang On… If only with the one finger!